Wacom Cintiq 21UX LCD Tablet

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Work directly on screen with the new Cintiq 21UX. The newly-redesigned Cintiq 21UX incorporates Wacom’s most advanced pen technology in a sleek, black, display, allowing photographers, designers, animators and other creative professionals to work naturally and intuitively directly on the surface of the large-format, 21.3” LCD screen. The Cintiq 21UX now detects 2048 levels of pressure, giving you even more control over pressure-sensitive pen effects such as line weight, opacity, and exposure. With Wacom’s new Tip Sensor, the pen now features a lower activation force that captures even the most subtle nuances of pressure. The ambidextrous design features rear-mounted Touch Strips, along with the accompanying Touch Strip Toggle Buttons, which give you control of up to four application-specific Touch Strip functions like brush size, zooming, canvas rotation and scrolling. Sixteen ExpressKeys (eight on either side of the display) boost productivity by providing quick access to keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys.

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